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ECZA1 • Phase 2

Smart Cart Generator Development


ECZA1 strengthens its marketplace infrastructure with the “Smart Cart Generator”

Ecza1, one of the largest pharmacy marketplaces in Turkey, aims to improve the quality of service it provides to users on its platform and attract new users by upgrading it with cutting-edge features. Ecza1 prefers Interval, whom offers custom solutions in developing real-time systems with high transactions to improve the experience it provides to its users and increase its functionality to the upper league.

Fully Integrated

Increased Revenue

Maximized UX


Difficulty in Finding Multiple Products to Create the Best Cart

– Challenges –

“Our daily transactions and the number of users who added more than ten different types of products to their carts increased rapidly after the renewal of our marketplace infrastructure. Then we analyzed the improvement opportunities and observed that our users could not easily make the best cart combination when buying multiple products. So we needed to bring a solution that can avoid users dealing with the parameters such as product expiration date, stock status, shipping, and pricing alternatives one by one.” says Koray Karamanlı, General Manager of Ecza1.

– Available Criteria –
Expiration Date, Stocks, Price, Quantity

The Easiest Way to Choose the Best Products and Sellers: “Bi Sepet”

– Solution –

Thousands of users search dozens of products in the marketplace every day to buy them at the lowest possible price and with the best possible expiration date. So, it was necessary to provide an efficient approach to evaluate various products, a great variety of sellers, and price alternatives.  Interval’s robust solution, “Bi Sepet,” was developed to shorten the time it takes to monitor seller points, product deadlines, and prices.


“Bi Sepet” would find the best alternative for a maximum of 25 products that the customer was searching for and would bring the products to the checkout step in seconds with a single click. As a result of this unrivalled technology, Ecza1 has boosted its user experience and quality standard to the top level.

Bi Sepet | Multiple Product Search

For example, Bi Sepet recommends ordering five products from three separate sellers. Considering the availability of stock, expiration date, and the price benefit of shipping, it advises buying three products from a single seller and the other two products from the other two most satisfactory sellers. So, customers complete their purchase in seconds, saving time and money.

Example of Multi-Product Cart Generation by Bi Sepet

“We have taken our marketplace quality to the next level with the smart cart generation feature. The positive customer feedbacks we have received in the near term shows that our development will lead to maintained success in the future.”
– Koray Karamanlı | GENERAL MANAGER OF ECZA1

Key Achievements

– Outcomes –


Customer Satisfaction – “Time Saving and Economical Shopping”

Smart Search Engine – “Suggesting Best Price and Vendor Alternatives in Seconds”

Brand Awareness – “Increase in User Recommendations with an Outstanding Feature Different from Its Competitors”