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With its greater technological framework, PHARMATIP joins Türkiye’s new-generation marketplaces for pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

Pharmatıp chose Interval for its web and mobile applications in the healthcare sector to enhance the shopping experience, increase customer loyalty, and offer specific campaign benefits.

Pharmatıp’s success in its sector can be credited to the marketplace-specific “cashback reward system” and experience in business processes.

Fully Integrated

Customer Loyalty

Cashback Reward System

Who is Pharmatıp® ?

Pharmatıp is a growing B2B marketplace in Turkey for non-pharmaceutical products. Members involve public and private sector pharmacists,  and pharmaceutical warehouses.

Pharmatip, which attracts members through its website, allows the trading of non-pharmaceutical products from thousands of pharmacies across Türkiye at the most affordable prices. Its platform is also ready to serve healthcare professionals.


The Need for a Customer Loyalty System and a Platform with a Solid User Experience That Will Make a Difference Between Competitors

– Challenges –

Pharmatıp gathered nearly 30 years of experience under a new brand. The founder aimed to combine his expertise in business processes with a software partner who had previously created sector-specific solutions. The project needed to be completed quickly because of the competitors with a large market share and the quick entry of new actors through the market. Furthermore, it was critical to easily implement ideas that would result in a price advantage with the software capabilities against costs negatively affected by global inflation.

Why did Pharmatıp choose Interval?

– Solutions –

Interval developed the software platform for the Marketplace Project and managed all of the company’s processes, ensuring a quick launch. Furthermore, it played a key role in gaining an advantage against the competitors with the “Cashback Reward System”.

The project kicked off with the development of a double-login portal for pharmacists and healthcare professionals, followed by the design of a website front-end that was desktop and mobile-compatible and provided an excellent user experience.

Double-login Portal for Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals

Unique “Cashback Reward System”

A unique Cashback Reward System has been developed, allowing sellers to define money cashback rewards based on the cart amount and increase their sales through campaigns. Earned rewards can be spent on purchases or cleared via billing.


Summary of Cashback Rewards

Sellers can set cashback rewards based on product or cart value. Thus, all users can earn while spending. The platform has the unique feature of allowing each seller to create campaigns “for their store” to the total cart amount.


Defining Reward – Based on Products


Defining Reward – Based on Cart Amount

Advanced Integrations

Shopping is quite simple with multiple cargo and e-invoice integrations.


Multiple Cargo Integrations


E-Invoice Integrations

Great UI / UX Design

The site’s front-end design, mobile compatibility, and innovative appearance that integrate with the brand lines ensure the greatest user experience.


UI – Desktop


UI – Mobile

Along with new-generation menus and category trees, products are presented in the marketplace thanks to their simple, stylish appearance and easy access.



Category Page


Quick Access to Categories

Key Achievements

– Outcomes –

Fully Integrated Marketplace – “Accounting, Shipping, Ministry, and Campaign Module Integrations.”

Greater UI/UX – “Brand New Design, Easy Access, Fast Shopping”

Admin Panel with Maximum Efficiency – “Faultless, Fluent, Easy System Management.”

Customer Loyalty – “Cashback Reward System”